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GENETIX Cattle Plus

We are a unique collaboration of genetics, programs, philosophies and quality Brangus, Ultra Black and Charolais cattle from seven cutting edge programs located in the southern U.S. The seven ranches are owned by individuals who have strong business acumen and diversified agricultural interests.

We operate on the premise of “FOUNDED BY CATTLEMEN BY CATTLEMEN” with four main goals. Those include:

•Provide synergy and buying confidence to the beef community

•Provide customers with multi-breed choices

•Provide a top-notch value-added product

•Use only state-of-the-art protocols and conventions as well as proven genetics.

We are pleased to be working together and invite you to get to know us better as individuals.


While relatively new to the Brangus business, this Florida based outfit is expanding quickly in terms of quality and numbers. Asana is not only home to a registered Brangus program, but has 200 plus head of commercial momma cows that are bred to Brangus bulls, which is a showcase to fellow cattlemen about the attributes of using Brangus bulls. In addition, they are involved in an extensive embryo program and select their recipient cows from their commercial herd. They entered the seedstock segment about two years ago and have added the breeding of New Vision, Csonka, Online, Marlboro and Passport. Asana Manager, Juan Chalela, shares that the operation is pleased to be part of GENETIX and looks forward to the group’s impact on the cattle industry. The program is located 45 miles from Disney World and visitors are welcome.


Chuck and Norma Sword have seen a lot of changes in the cattle business and the Brangus breed, as they have 33 years of involvement and experience. They moved from the cow/calf segment to seedstock producers in 1984. Today their herd, located in the central part of Georgia is home to 300 registered females—predominately Brangus and some Ultra Blacks. Initially their foundation included Willow Springs Ranch bloodlines that they had acquired from Maywood Farms and Pine Lane Ranch. Over the years they’ve added diverse genetics, but largely with Brinks and Mound Creek bloodlines. They’re program is led by their senior sire, MC Granite, a second generation Ultra Black sire, owned with Cold Creek, Mound Creek and The Oaks. They are excited about the potential for greatness through GENETIX, as the group shares genetics, marketing avenues and resources.


Owners Tom and Betty Davis run Brangus, Ultra Black and Angus cattle in the east central portion of Georgia at Reynolds and Butler. They purchased their first Brangus cattle in 2010 and today their herd has grown to 400 head of quality females. In addition, Tom is a co-founder and managing partner of Great Mark Western LLC, who is also involved in GENETIX. Cold Creek Ranch’s mission is to have the foresight to listen to our customers and consumers so that we as a breeder can be on the front edge of genetics progress in the cattle industry. Uncompromising passion for quality is what drives all our decisions. Towards this end, we feel partnering with the folks at GENETIX Cattle Plus is the perfect match for our operation. The partners at GENETIX Cattle Plus are visionary, open-minded people who are destined to make a difference in the industry. The current focus at Cold Creek Ranch is on developing world class Ultra Black cattle. Tom and Betty’s son Sean, who is currently serving our country as a U.S. Marine, will soon join the operation.


Jim Bardy founded Continental Services, the nation’s 25th largest food management company, in 1989. As a full-service dining management company and caterer employing nearly 1,200 workers, we collectively aspire to delight our guest, every meal, every day by creating engaging experiences with fresh, handcrafted fare in corporate cafés, grab-and-go self-checkout micro markets, at special events, and on luxury yacht charters.

Perhaps the best example of Continental’s uncompromising focus on superior ingredients is Great Mark Western (GMW), curated by Continental specifically to grow premium quality, consistently tender and flavorful beef.   After many years of frustration and disappointment with the lack of consistency and quality in beef purchased for Continental’s customers, Jim Bardy and his partner Tom Davis formed Great Mark Western, which is home to registered Angus, Brangus and Ultra Black herds, as well as a large commercial Angus herd. Combined Jim and Tom have over 75 years of food service and restaurant industry experience. This experience, along with the relationship to Continental provides the unique advantage being the breeder, commercial feed and finish as well as the at the plate consumer. GMW retains ownership through the entire life cycle. GMW joined GCP to continue to advocate for protocols that positively impact the plate performance and dining experience.

For seven years, GMW has been focused on optimizing tenderness, flavor and marbling/quality grade. We are committed to continued improvement through genetics and best practices leading to herd uniformity in our commercial herd, consistently producing exceptional quality beef.

GMW spring harvest grade results:

                        44% Prime

                        37% High Choice

                        19% Choice

                        0% Select

We’ve made great progress with herd management protocols emphasizing wholesome diets, docility and mortality. The continued refinement of the GMW herd lead to the acquisition of Chemonie Plantation, a property with 350 years of cattle management history. GMW beef can be traced from packing and preparations directly back to its farm of origin. Each herd is raised with a well-orchestrated, hands-on care and feeding regimen, under GMW’s exacting quality and safety standards.


The Herndon family is entrenched in the Lyons, Georgia and Bo represents the third generation of his family to farm and raise cattle. For years, his focus was on farming onions, kale, turnips, collard greens, mustard greens and chards, as well as sweet corn and soybeans and corn. His uncle raised Charolais cattle, when he was a child, so a few years back he bought a few registered Charolais and then when a neighbor wanted to sell their registered Brangus herd, he bought them, but for all practical purposes; he was just running some cattle. Then three years ago, he went to a Brangus sale, hosted by The Oaks to buy a bull. He left that sale with Oaks High Steaks 209B50 and a strong interest in the seedstock industry. That sale changed the trajectory of this cattle operation as today Herndon Farms includes 50 head of registered Charolais and 150 registered Brangus females, as well as close to 400 commercial cattle. Bo is joined in the operation by his wife, Jill and their three daughters Megan, Jordy and Sky.


Their story begins with Bert & Doyle’s great grandfather, Bill Miller, who had a few cows roaming the land of Oklahoma in the late 1800’s before the area was a state, and still a territory.  Their dad, E.D., started his journey with cattle when he was only 17-years-old, as the first-place winner at the Cherokee County Fair with a Hereford steer.

 The Miller brothers, Bert and Doyle and their father, E.D. have been raising cattle in Waynesboro, Tennessee since 1976, and then E.D. decided to purchase their first Brangus bull and heifers in 1981 putting them in the registered Brangus business.

 Miller Brangus is located in beautiful rolling green Tennessee pastures and even though the land may be beautiful, the climate and terrain on the ranch can be tough on the cattle. Summertime temperatures can be over 100 degrees, and the winter can be brutal with freezing rain and snow with temperatures reaching zero. It can be a harsh environment, but for that reason they believe that their Brangus cattle will work for whomever owns them since they have already passed the test! They place selection pressure for cattle to be structurally sound, rugged, meat wagons that you will be most impressed with.

Their passion is to breed better cattle, and they have a commitment to that vision and stand behind their product. Miller Brangus has been built through rigid culling, continuous selection pressure, detailed record keeping and uncompromising breeding commitment that lets us produce cattle that meet the demanding conditions in the cattle industry today—cattle are that structurally sound, rugged and are meat wagons. Their breeding philosophy is “pounds on the ground,” which means putting as many pounds on a calf as fast and efficiently as possible without sacrificing birth weight, frame, and fertility.

Phillips Ranch, LLC

Phillips Ranch, owned by brothers Tim and Todd Phillips is a diverse program with a rich history in the Florida ranching industry, dating back to the 1800’s. The program, located in Bunnell, Florida in the south central part of the state, is very conscious of applying management practices that add to the value of the land and to the cattle that roam their 5,200 acres.

It is home to the ABEEF Braford program of the famed Adams Ranch Cattle. That Braford program was started in 1990 and has expanded to include a composite breed of ¼ Red Angus, ¼ Gelbvieh, 5/16 Hereford and 3/16 Brahman. The composite is ideally suited to provide a combination of desired carcass traits, feed efficiency, longevity, heat tolerance and fertility. The Phillips have also initiated a registered Brangus breeding herd, as the combination of Angus and Brahman bloodlines deliver hardiness to handle humidity, heat and diseases.

In addition, Brangus provides milking ability, rapid weight gain and maternal instincts. Phillips Ranch is a progressive minded operation and realized the value of being a member of GENETIX for the cooperative marketing and genetic sharing aspects of the group.


Joe and Catherine Kassler have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the cattle industry and will host the GENETIX Sale at their farm in Grantville, Georgia. The foundation of their program traces back to Brinks genetics purchased from Camp Cooley Ranch, and their legendary sire, Csonka of Brinks 30R4. Today their herd has over 400 Brangus females and they maintain a very extensive ET program. They have also introduced a line of Ultra Black cattle. From the beginning, it has always been about building a program that would add quality and value to their customers’ programs.